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Перевод слова

Перевод: mule speek mule

мул [зоол.] ; упрямец ; мюль ; мюль-машина ; толкач ; тягач ; тапочка ; домашняя туфля без задника; гибрид ;
ныть; хныкать; мяукать


  1. We don't really know, but the mule is a marvellous experimental animal in this context.
  2. Who ever said "stubborn as a mule"?
  3. " BET YOUR bottom's sore," said a friend sympathetically when I described my six-day, 100-mile mule ride through the Sierra Nevada of southern Spain.
  4. The Kawasaki Mule 2010, which takes all terrain vehicles (ATVs) a stage further in their development, won the D Alban Davies Award.
  5. When the Dutch Texel Welsh Mule females were crossed back to the Dutch Texel the E grade level increased to 60%.
  6. Mule the best new equipment at Royal Welsh
  7. Later came artificial insemination, which is now the standard practice on the large mule farms of China.
  8. The French Texel is too much like a Mule - too big and too long.
  9. Arend Lourens Hagedoorn, a Dutch geneticist at the University of California, wrote in his book Animal Breeding (1954): "It is astonishing to see the enormous variety between the mares and the uniformity of the mule foals.
  10. We will journey onto other worlds and reach a land beyond the awkward mule's path of words, and we are free to savour the sensations that are wordless.
  11. I have fallen in love with American names, The sharp names that never get fat, The snakeskin-titles of mining claims, The plumed war-bonnet of Medicine Hat, Tucson and Deadwood and Lost Mule Flat.
  12. In an interspecies cross like the mule one would always expect marked differences between the two parents' white cell antigens, and on the analogy with humans, habitual abortions should be rare.
  13. My mule was a 17-year-old snow-white gelding called Vaquero - Spanish for cowboy.

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