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Перевод слова

Перевод: notice speek notice

извещение; предупреждение; уведомление; объявление; наблюдение; внимание; заметка ; сообщение; обозрение; анонс ; рецензия ; афиша ;
замечать; обращать внимание; предупреждать; уведомлять; упоминать; отмечать; усматривать; усмотреть; давать обзор; рецензировать


  1. Despite the disadvantages of uncertainty, you might be willing to leave the question of notice rights unresolved if you have strong grounds for suspecting that your employer would only agree to statutory minimum notice because that it is company policy.
  2. Francis took no notice of them, but led Christopher and Jane straight out to the kiln which was housed in a huge barn, with brown squirrels perching on the rafters.
  3. Fellow student Keith Gregory responded to an advert Gedge had pinned up on a university notice board which sought an "Introverted bass player, influenced by The Fall, The Chameleons, The Velvet Underground and The Sound."
  4. Trade unions have a statutory right of notice and governors must always act in accordance with employment law.
  5. He was so involved in these thoughts that when the school finally loomed into view he failed to notice it and only when Tock poked him in the side did he look up and see the gigantic sight.
  6. That "inwardness" so prized by some English readers, and characteristically found by them (implausibly) in Lawrence, is an attention directed so far "inward, that it can never come to the surface for long enough to notice how the sunlight breaks upon the edges and volumes of a piece of sculpture; and that is why indeed such readers cannot use the word "aesthetic" except "in a limiting sense".
  7. If satisfied, the director should instantly contact the editor and put him on notice of a complaint.
  8. In a notice about Neild's State of Prisons in England, Scotland and Wales (1812) , the Edinburgh Review commented: .
  9. Shall I give notice?"
  10. The remedial works specified in an abatement notice sometimes require planning permission, for example, the erection of a tall chimney, and may result in a clash of opinion with local planning authorities.
  11. Or would you rather have the security of knowing that, whenever in the years to come your employer may decide, for whatever reason, that you should go, you will be cushioned by a generous notice period which allows you to look for something else without the fear that very shortly the money will be running out?
  12. If there are fewer people around who knew the person who has died, then there are also fewer people to notice that the person is no longer there, and there are fewer people to talk about missing him or her.
  13. The old simplicity of purpose and quiet efficiency continues as always, without any notice of the passing centuries; it has not been found necessary to install the telephone.

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