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Перевод слова

Перевод: objection speek objection

возражение; протест ; неприязнь ; нелюбовь ; неодобрение; недостаток ; дефект


  1. But to see communicative significance as deriving from the phylogenetically arbitrary status of apine dance, as a solution to their co-ordination problem, is open to a serious objection.
  2. That Vic Williams was a voluntary and not a conscripted soldier was irrelevant to the issue of conscientious objection, she added.
  3. Judge Owen said he had no objection to the officers not revealing their names and addresses in open court but he would not allow evidence to be given in secret.
  4. All the more disappointing therefore to learn later that some Seniors members who had blackballed me for Muirfield had now put in an objection to my joining this club too.
  5. For there is no objection to people forming their own judgment on any issue they like.
  6. One last objection, sir.
  7. Pakistan haven't complained yet but ICC secretary Colonel John Stephenson has sent a FAX to their Board "asking whether there is any official objection".
  8. One objection that is raised with regard to this type of evaluation is the difficulty of being objective.
  9. Test drilling was also planned in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Somerset and on two sites in the Cheviot Hills, nearly always (to try to avoid objection) using publicly owned land.
  10. Reid's objection, which has been reiterated over the years, is often supplemented with its converse.
  11. Hayman waved the objection aside.
  12. But at least she made no objection.
  13. The Kennel Club have made clear their objection to a compulsory scheme based on tattooing or branding, a scheme favoured by many (including over 80% of SHE readers).

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