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Перевод: occupational speek occupational



  1. But in terms, say, of residual wealth and capital, educational mobility, or occupational status, even in everyday terms such as dress, hobbies, or accent, British social divisions remained unusually pronounced by European or transatlantic standards.
  2. In pursuit of these themes most researchers discuss the occupational culture of the police, showing that on the whole ordinary policemen and women get their notions about routine police work from this collection of background beliefs, values, and attitudes.
  3. Many employers "contracted out" of the Graduated Pension Scheme and agreed to pay at least the same amount as their employees would have received from the State under the graduated scheme, from their own occupational scheme.
  4. Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy
  5. As Dorothy Parry has pointed out, in the Journal of Occupational Therapy : " the one disastrous method is to take suggestions such as these and to apply them solemnly and over-earnestly (am I doing this right?
  6. In one country (Kenya), a potentially profitable approach exists towards "occupational education".
  7. It is known from occupational medicine, that exposure to two chemicals at once can be far more damaging than being exposed to each chemical individually.
  8. Another more elusive contribution by labouring people to the literature of the time can be identified in David Foxon's English Verse 1701-;1750 ; a large number of verses were published pertaining to occupational or craft concerns in the decades before Duck's appearance.
  9. It's almost a occupational hazed.
  10. They were concerned about the cost of the increased tax relief which would inevitably result if the whole working population were covered by occupational pensions.
  11. SOCIAL Security Secretary Mr Tony Newton announced four steps to protect occupational pensions of people whose companies are involved in takeovers or mergers.
  12. I've seen enough middle-aged English husbands getting pink and sweaty over Scandinavian au pairs to know that lust can be an occupational hazard.
  13. Even before that date Eagleton's view is suspect given the amount of occupational verse in circulation, though this material could be dismissed as ephemeral.

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