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Перевод слова

Перевод: odds speek odds

шансы ; неравенство; разница ; преимущество; перевес ; гандикап [спорт.] ; разногласие


  1. Like the newly-elected Prime Minister, with whom he shares not just a love of cricket, but a firm adherence to basic principles, a natural decency and a dogged belief in hard work, the England captain enjoys a challenge against the odds.
  2. Weighing his chances, the punter will naturally examine respective odds.
  3. While the Government's plans to double spending on roads were at odds with its proclaimed conversion to green issues, Labour's new policies recognised the need to drastically cut congestion and pollution from vehicle emissions.
  4. Meanwhile, as Ladbrokes shortened Nashwan's odds for next Sunday's Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe from 2-1 to 7-4 with a run, French Glory came down a point to 7-1 amid rumours that Pat Eddery would switch to him from Khalid Abdullah's other probable runner, Assatis.
  5. At odds of 500-1, Terimon became the longest-priced horse ever to be placed in the Epsom Classic.
  6. In his report Layfield concluded that there was only a one in forty chance that a coal station would be cheaper than Sizewell B. By the time that the then Energy Minister, Peter Walker, gave his seal of approval to the project in 1987 the odds had been reduced to one in seven.
  7. Mr Stephen Dorrell, 40, former junior Health Minister, who becomes Financial Secretary to the Treasury, can be classed as a "one-nation" Tory in the mould of Mr Peter Walker, placing him at odds with the Conservative government of the day on tighter immigration rules, restrictions on unemployment benefits, early membership of the European Monetary System and monetarism.
  8. He was to add that the French should also be glad to be allied to the Scots, "for from Scotland we may repulse the English, and from thence enter easily into their country, which gives no great odds against them, and thus enables us to curb and check them."
  9. While a collector may be happy to pay over the odds for such interesting issues, an investor would have to be confident of rising gold prices to show a profit on resale.
  10. The odds are that it will.
  11. You could get the odds because he'd had a poor year until then by his standards.
  12. So what odds do you lay me finishing the course on the bookie's favourite?"
  13. "These are encouraging signs that the message is being heard in the East," he says, "but this is a race against time and the odds of winning do not look favourable."

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