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Перевод слова

Перевод: opportunity speek opportunity

удобный случай; благоприятная возможность; возможность


  1. We do not as yet have full details of the standard assessment tasks which will be used at the ages of seven and eleven and subsequently; if they do not provide a means of screening for learning difficulty, and identifying the nature of the difficulty, a significant opportunity will have been missed.
  2. Informal chats with guests provide an excellent opportunity to meet consumers and answer their questions about farming and food production.
  3. Resistance was volatile, at times anarchist in nature; spontaneous riots against bread prices or unemployment were short lived, providing the poor with a temporary release of tension and an opportunity to express hostility to respectability and the law.
  4. All this, and the golden opportunity to win FREE Summer Holidays.
  5. This gives us the opportunity to compare their results with MLC targets and actual results from recorded farms, before suggesting general advice on the options available for improvement."
  6. Even when I can understand all they are saying, they give me little opportunity to reply, so anxious are they to keep up the headlong momentum of their own speech; then they complain that I say nothing!
  7. Someone in the High Police - probably Fouch himself, we know he's obsessed with intrigue - sees it as an opportunity to introduce one of his agents into Vienna.
  8. This is more an opportunity to be grabbed than a threat to the survival of Japanese factories abroad.
  9. By providing Japan with the opportunity to save face and make an orderly withdrawal from drift-net fishing, the UN Second Committee bound them into a commitment to cease drift-net operations in the near future - an astonishing achievement for a campaign which had only really gathered momentum 10 months earlier, with the sinking of the Sankichi Maru .
  10. They are living evidence of the past lack of opportunity for black classical dancers in this country.
  11. That will give me an opportunity of passing on any messages - of a verbal nature only, I regret to say!
  12. I had the opportunity to get beneath Metallica's stage, where all the amplification is stowed and noticed that Kirk is still using ADA MP-1 preamps with MESA/Boogie Strategy 400 power amps.
  13. The Don has always been kind to me and my opportunity for revenge came sooner, rather than later.

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