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  1. Performing this piece was as complicated as launching a space shuttle, involving synchronised computer systems, traditional orchestral instruments, African drums and as many technicians as trained musicians.
  2. The arts generally continued to thrive through public subsidy, to orchestral music above all, and new forms of partnership were being developed between the Arts Council and local authorities and industry and finance.
  3. Each group was led by a soloist representing the leader of a particular orchestral section so that as the themes were taken up by first one and then another section, the various groups of dancers joined in.
  4. They recorded one demo tape at Cargo Studios in Rochdale which at the time was being patronised by a legion of new wave bands spanning Joy Division to Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Dark.
  5. Re Yet in something like the Schoenberg Op. 31 Orchestral Variations you used the recording process in a quite radical way?
  6. As a writer of military music, with some 45 marches, songs and orchestral works to my name, I collect sums that have topped 80 but are more usually 2.50.
  7. The point was well made some years ago by Hugh Maguire, a veteran of the English orchestral scene and an evident admirer or Karajan, when he said: "He is too strong, too powerful, too rich - too much outside the general run.
  8. Rich, orchestral music, a kitschy concerto in the style of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, thundered on the soundtrack, vibrating his teeth.
  9. It is already known that Strauss worked to a system of keys associated with particular characters and situations, but Professor Gilliam identifies his primary concern in Elektra as "establishing a sense of motivic continuity in the orchestral line", thus lending extra point to Strauss's description of Salome as "a symphony in the medium of drama".
  10. However, in the same composer's La mer, what the piece lost in any distinguishable subtlety, it at least gained in Svetlanov's belated awakening of interest in orchestral colour and the way to deploy it vividly and with some discretion.
  11. The job hardly existed until a century ago, when orchestral works began to require such large forces that composers - Berlioz, Wagner or Mahler - resorted to doing the job themselves to ensure a modicum of accuracy (Haydn and Mozart, with their smaller orchestras, had managed effectively by waving a hand from the keyboard).
  12. Whether or not this is so, few would deny that Abbado is a sound choice, a man of few words who nevertheless commands great respect among orchestral players and is as highly praised for his Rossini as for his Mahler, his Mozart or his Brian Ferneyhough.
  13. But Prokofiev's opera owes just as much of its enthralling power to the brilliance of its orchestral writing, and in Edward Downes it has a superlative master of the composer's idiomatic style.

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