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Перевод слова

Перевод: outline speek outline

контур ; абрис ; очертание; эскиз ; набросок ; конспект ; план ; схема ; очерк ;
обрисовать; очерчивать; нарисовать контур; сделать набросок; наметить в общих чертах


  1. In a moment of inspiration, she found something else: "I shall never forget my utter amazement when the truth dawned on me that the outline of a lion was drawn by the curves of the Cary river, below the old capital town of Somerset".
  2. At Barnsdale, I divided the rectangular site by planting a barrier of outline shrubs across the main border.
  3. Local independents and independents from other regions outline what they want from broadcasters.
  4. This general outline story of the first Passover is called the Haggadah, after which the first part of the special Psalms for Passover are sung, known as the Hallel Psalms (Psalms 112-;13).
  5. The holly stencil could be applied along the edge to outline the top of the table or in squares along the middle of the tablecloth.
  6. The scratchplate draws your eyes to the body outline, the outline leads into the cutaway and well, you get the idea.
  7. The bars should be solid, not just drawn in outline.
  8. The dye tends to stay darker around the patterns and creates an outline on the stitch-work, including the discreet GT initials worked into the hems of the jumpers.
  9. That took care of the main outline planting, but at the shady end of the garden I started a fragrant corner with Daphne odora , the deliciously scented, white-flowered Osmanthus delavayi and that trusty bloomer Mahonia japonica .
  10. An outline proposal has been received from Mr Seath, (copy attached).
  11. Once I am happy with the outline sketch.
  12. This is merely an outline of a possible procedure.
  13. In spite of specialization, the general outline of the discovery of many recent drugs is remarkably similar and indeed has been said to follow a text-book pattern.

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