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Перевод слова

Перевод: outshine speek outshine

затмить; затмевать


  1. The desire to outshine others provoked extravagance, such as that shown by a Marquise who wrote to a friend: "I have been invited to Compigne for a week so I have sold a mill!"
  2. The Safrane isn't intended to engage BMW and Mercedes, but rather to outshine Ford, Rover, Vauxhall, Audi, Peugeot and Citroen.
  3. It was not seemly for the Second Son to outshine the father in this way and I knew instinctively that before a year had passed there would be more building in the compound.
  4. it is difficult to outshine john tomlinson
  5. Masters of their art, Stock, Aitken and Waterman realised that day they had unearthed a talent that could outshine anything, even in their empire.
  6. It was equally important to outshine everyone else around me - in other words, to achieve at the expense of others.
  7. But he has to go some to outshine Dean Richards, dropped for the second time in a year.
  8. With a natural, sculptural quality, it can outshine any number or works of art or ornaments and, what's more, at a fraction of the price if you buy and nurture a smaller plant rather than shelling out on a large, expensive specimen a nursery has grown on for you.
  9. In Darcey Bussell and Jonathan Cope he has ideal interpreters for the principal roles - the writing for the salamander is some of his most inventive - while Fiona Chadwick blazes as Epine, Anthony Dowell dodders as the emperor, the four kings seek to outshine each other, and Tetsuyu Kumakawa as the Fool seems even more at ease in the air than on the ground.
  10. Thoo dissent want ti outshine t'bride."
  11. Extrapolated Voyager data easily outshine Asimov's out-of place tachyons and token black hole.
  12. Nutrasweet markets a dairy protein-based fat substitute called Simpless, though Shaw is confident Ruby will outshine it and is installing production capacity apace.
  13. "You will outshine everyone, ma'am," Ruth said.

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