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Перевод слова

Перевод: overnight speek overnight

ночной; происходивший накануне вечером или ночью; продолжающийся всю ночь;
накануне вечером; неожиданно; скоро; с вечера и всю ночь; всю ночь; вдруг; быстро


  1. Many of these huts provide overnight accommodation if you feel like being a bit adventurous.
  2. Leftwing rebels in El Salvador held an American civilian overnight and lectured him on US intervention while keeping his thumbs tied behind his back before letting him go, the US Embassy said yesterday.
  4. Miles Davis: exquisite slow playing PHOTOGRAPH: ALLAN TITMUSS OVERNIGHT FILE
  5. Captured moths were consigned to jamjars overnight to await the matinee.
  6. However, one of them disappeared overnight, after being perfectly healthy during the day.
  7. It can also become pitted if it is left soaking overnight.
  8. His evidence was to help place Mrs Dyer on the scaffold, as was his wife Polly's, who testified that her mother had at times visited her with various small children who seemed to disappear overnight.
  9. A WOMAN who was raped, locked in a garage overnight and then raped again escaped from her attacker yesterday by running screaming into a crowded supermarket.
  10. Any overnight rain will suit Duckhaven (3.30) in the concluding Chequers Conditional Jockeys Handicap Hurdle over an extended three miles.
  11. Alice swore that he only took tea once, and certainly did not stay overnight.
  12. Just as Inter-railers traditionally take overnight express trains to get a night's sleep, so small teams of Germans are roaming North America, checking the schedules carefully for flights with catering or overnight trips which save on accommodation.

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