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Перевод слова

Перевод: partial speek partial

частичный; неполный; парциальный; пристрастный; неравнодушный; частный


  1. In spite of the development of partial resistance, penicillin is still the treatment of choice in gonorrhoea.
  2. In animals, the formation of sheets of cells which fold in various ways, and which in consequence come into contact with each other at specific points, is a common feature of development, and provides a partial answer to Weismann's question.
  3. A partial explanation for this state of affairs lies in his infrequent appearance in the salerooms, for Beuys was not a producer of easily collectible objects.
  4. Actually, this was easily explained away by my insistence on regular partial water changes (my pond having a guzzling bottom drain to waste).
  5. What I have offered up to this point, however, is only a partial description and explanation of the mutual, unconscious relatedness between workers and managers.
  6. Further, no single or partial exercise of any such power or right shall preclude any other or further exercise or the exercise of any other such power or right under this Agreement.
  7. Even the rulers of this planet of Stalinvast, luxuriating high up in their hives, must take a very partial view.
  8. The scheme provides for the partial remission of tuition fees to overseas postgraduate students of outstanding merit and research potential.
  9. We found we had done the right thing: Mr Murray was partial to a wee whiskey.
  10. But he was to spend the next dozen or so years of his life as a partial invalid.
  11. In Philip Morris , the Court established that, contrary to previous thinking, Article 85 could apply to agreements the purpose of which was the acquisition of total or partial ownership of enterprises by merger, acquisition or reorganisation.
  12. The Central North Side had strongly organised if partial representation since the 1960s when the Mexican War Streets area began to experience small scale renovation.
  13. One Germany, one-off sale, one-way ticket: (above) souvenir sellers with a display of Red Army caps in East Berlin and (left) the partial withdrawal of Soviet troops

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