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Перевод слова

Перевод: participate speek participate

участвовать; принимать участие; соучаствовать; разделять (радость); иметь общее; пользоваться


  1. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the electronics units of Hyundai Group, Lucky Goldstar Group and Daewoo Group and Trigem Computer Ltd all hoped to participate in the project, the official said.
  2. If you'd like to take part, write to Richard Jackson, Morning Edition, BBC Radio 5, Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA, stating why you would like to participate.
  3. By holding an expensive meeting on a weekday the Royal College of Physicians denied a voice to the very groups that most need to participate in the debate.
  4. With every actor reasoning in the same way, however, no narrowly rational person will participate.
  5. Unlike the ECSC, the whole concept had been modelled as a body in which Britain might participate: this may partly account for the diluted supranational element.
  6. Ward staff are invited and encouraged to participate in the learner's project and to attend the presentation.
  7. DB2/6000 is accompanied by Distributed Database Connection Services, which provides support for IBM's Distributed Relational Database Architecture, and the two enable the RS/6000 to participate in a distributed schema with DB2 on IBM mainframes, the OS/400 database, and DB/2.
  8. A hundred companies are expected to participate.
  9. This is a wonderful adventure, beckoning all of us to participate.
  10. Research shows that where older disabled people have high incomes they are not so restricted and are able to participate in activities - such as going on summer holidays and having evenings out - that are enjoyed by younger non-disabled people.
  11. Hips and elbows must have been X-rayed and have received excellent results, but further more, all dogs must participate in the Swedish mental test.
  12. Irvine, California-based Western Digital Corp warns that earnings per share for the third quarter to March 27 will be "significantly below" consensus analysts' expectations which have been in a range of 0.20 to 0.26 a share, as a direct result of severe price declines in the 3.5 hard disk drive business: the company says it does not see a significant decline in unit demand and that demand from its key OEM customers is getting stronger and says it is comfortable with revised analyst estimates, in the 0.05 to 0.10 per share range; "To the best of our ability we will not participate" in the price wars, it said.
  13. Like NCR Corp, it needs to collect more data on what the gang is really doing, figure out the structure and find out how COSE would want DEC to participate; also like NCR, if the effort is primarily concerned with the desktop, then DEC would not be very interested.

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