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Перевод слова

Перевод: peasant speek peasant

крестьянский; сельский;


  1. The peasant, for instance, who wishes to sell his avocados or pots in the local market may need a licence to do so, something that is outside the realm of the usual activities of a peasant, especially an illiterate.
  2. On arrival at Smolensk, our peasant soldier discovers that all the equipment of his unit has been embezzled or stolen from the luggage-van.
  3. The capitalist economy, while ensuring the continuance of the peasant sector, does not allow it to develop sufficiently to extricate itself from its subordinate role, for this would destroy its value for capitalism.
  4. On the Bolivian altiplano 1.2 persons per peasant family migrate temporarily to seek work (Ortega 1982).
  5. Moreover, clientelism prevents the peasant making contact with the wider society.
  6. In the third place peasant correspondents in particular looked as if they would be a useful source of information for the central authorities on dissatisfaction in the countryside and on the rising influence of peasant types not in favour with the party.
  7. He did not have the "prerogatives of his office" available to peasant priests in Russia, Spain or France or the traditional respect given to English clergymen as gentlemen if not always as priests.
  8. The spread of the market system brings the peasant into contact with a nation-wide network of distribution.
  9. By 1923 there were frequent reports in the press of murders of peasant correspondents by fellow muzhiks.
  10. The worst peasant uprisings in the Civil War had been against German expeditions in search of food supplies.
  11. Its total energy seemed to be expended on the collection of taxes, and like Yakovlev himself, it had no interest in the mainsprings of peasant culture.
  12. "Once Stalin made me dance the Gopak, squat down on my haunches and kick out my heels," writes Khrushchev, an image hard to call up in view of his shape, but - "When Stalin says "Dance", a wise man dances," added the peasant proverb-spinner in his accustomed vein.
  13. Through clientelism, the allegiance of the peasant is to his patron rather than to other peasants, so that it is more difficult for solidarity between those in the peasant class to develop.

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