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Перевод слова

Перевод: peril speek peril

опасность ; риск ;
подвергать опасности


  1. Most at risk is Venice, California, on Los Angeles's Pacific shore, where the Venice in Peril organisation welcomes visitors' support to help them to save the many cultural treasures, some of them almost 50 years old.
  2. Suicide or self-injury, wilful self-exposure to peril (except in an attempt to save human life), the influence of drugs (except as prescribed by a registered medical practitioner other than for treatment of drug addiction) or alcohol, or the person insured engaging in, during the period of holiday or journey, wintersports, mountaineering, racing (other than on foot) or other hazardous adventure.
  3. However, Peril number 7 maybe needs some explanation because it is possible that you have never encountered a "Damnation Derek".
  4. Funnily enough, we had just as much peril when the thaw came, because it was so rapid that it caused flooding.
  5. Whereas very many Empiricks and unskilful and ignorant Men do abide in our City of London which are not well instructed in the Art of Mystery of Apothecaries, but do make and compound many unwholesome, hurtful, deceiptful, corrupt and dangerous medicines and the same do sell and daily transmit to the great peril and daily hazard of the lives of our subjects
  6. After viewing Ibbeth peril, visitors who are subject to claustrophobia, and possibly others who are not, will be relieved to escape from its gloomy shroud of trees and continue their journey up the valley in a more open environment with the Dee now alongside the road, its limestone bed bleached a pristine white where the water elects to flow beneath the surface.
  7. You provoke me at your peril!"
  8. We see C. R. C. Paul discussing various methods of assessing the degree of completeness of the fossil record, and concluding that "we ignore the fossil record at our peril", on one hand.
  9. Yellow peril
  10. Those who ignore the warnings do so at their peril, however.
  11. Spalding, after being warned of his peril by Catholic priest Father Brouillet, fled from the massacre to Lapwai.
  12. And when we examine those repetitive media messages, we find amongst them those which dull, which desensitise, and which may ultimately disinhibit by eroding the internalised constraints which are part and parcel of the civilising process, constraints we used to learn at our mother's knee, and which we discard at our peril.
  13. According to an article in the Telegraph Sunday Magazine (Hall, 1987) some large housing estates, known to have violent inhabitants, have even been singled out as "no-go" areas, where milk floats, postmen and repair men venture at their peril.

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