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Перевод слова

Перевод: permit speek permit

разрешение; путевка ; пропуск ;
дозволять; позволять; разрешать; давать разрешение; давать возможность; допускать


  1. "You didn't get a permit for this, did you?"
  2. Set the stitches by steaming lightly on wrong side, if pressing instructions permit.
  3. By sheer grace God will not permit us to live even for a brief period in a dream world.
  4. In 1926 China became the first country in the Far East to permit kissing to be shown on its cinema screens.
  5. For butchery and meat product work valuable use may be made of alkali degreasers and caustic cleaners if surface materials and safety permit.
  6. 5.3 The Distributor agrees to undertake an annual stock count on 1 January of each year and shall supply details of stock figures to the Publisher and shall permit a representative of the Publisher to be present at the stock count should the Publisher so request.
  7. The advantages of traditional materials are obvious: they permit an individual to build his own house; involve less capital; can be built in greater variety and according to each housebuilder's choice; and, unlike a high-rise building, do not need expensive construction materials like cement and steel.
  8. Controls, however, are in themselves useless unless they trigger an appropriate response to permit changes to be made.
  9. For example, if you permit the meeting to start late, because not everyone has arrived, then those who come on time are being punished for their good behaviour!
  10. Yet ITV regards its competition so seriously that it refuses even to allow Sky the traditional news access to its exclusive sponsored events or permit the EBU to pass on its pictures from events such as athletics' European Cup.
  11. The information at the centre will permit the board to determine exactly how close it is to achieving these change management objectives.
  12. I offered to talk of a duty superior to that she mentioned, which would oblige her to help distressed innocence, and not permit her to go to the lengths enjoined by lawless tyranny; but she plainly bid me be silent on that head; for it was vain to attempt to persuade her to betray her trust.
  13. I'll get you that permit.

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