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Перевод слова

Перевод: picture speek picture

картина ; рисунок ; изображение; копия ; портрет ; образ ; воплощение; олицетворение; представление; мысленный образ; картинка ; что-либо очень красивое; кинокадр ;
изобразить; изображать на картине; описывать; обрисовывать; живописать; представлять себе


  1. "What kinda picture?"
  2. If one compares the prices, less UK taxes and US state and federal taxes, the picture becomes much clearer.
  3. Steve Brockett from Cardiff, South Wales, uses the kite as a flying canvas on which he paints startling picture stories, often based on mythology or the art of the North American Indian.
  4. It was empty apart from a round wooden table, a large golden picture frame on one wall and a cupboard.
  5. Does this: A Create silhouette effects; B Allow additional light through the lens; C Activate the fill-in flash mode; or D Lock the exposure settings while recomposing the picture?
  6. Send picture of tractor.
  7. Sat 11 10.30am NFT2 Making of a Legend: Gone With The Wind David Hinton's behind the scenes look at "the moviest of all movies"; 10.45am NFT1 The Music Teacher Belgian portrait of a distinguished opera singer; 1.00 NFT1 Fellow Traveller Philip Saville's intriguing picture of two Hollywood friends victimised under MacCarthyism; 1.15 NFT2 Journeys Inland Documentary on the Swiss; 3.30 NFT1 Icicle Thief Italian parody on the confusion between films and commercials; 3.45 NFT2 Malpractice Australian account of medical malpractice; 6.15 NFT1 The Woman From Rose Hill Alain Tanner's examination of Swiss mores; 6.30 NFT2 Where The Sun Beats Joaquim Pinto's restrained dissection of a Portuguese land-owning family; 7.45 Dominion Safety Last See above; 8.45 NFT1 Too Beautiful For You!
  8. The picture Gay had just painted was a very attractive one.
  9. The 1989 AMERG survey presents a similar picture with the vast majority of architects using only traditional means and frequently relying on "word of mouth".
  10. Try to read the feedback and get as definite a picture as you can.
  11. It created a picture of calm silent menace.
  12. Mr Andy Lane, museum curator, said: "In every war there is a picture that seems to capture the moment and the spirit.
  13. Fundraising by major charities for older people must emphasise both sides of the picture if they are not to reinforce harmful stereotypes.

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