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Перевод слова

Перевод: possession speek possession

владение; обладание; зависимая территория; одержимость


  1. Mariot capped this by suggesting that, since the Earl Patrick would presumably intend to yield that castle should Berwick town fall to King Edward, he could expect a greater reward from that monarch if the castle was nominally his own, not just a crown possession.
  2. It is true that it would not prevent the mortgagee taking possession, though it made his position in some degree uncomfortable if he did take possession.
  3. There are then three possession offences of a slightly different type.
  4. Undernourished and overbearing version of the Yiddish play of erotic possession.
  5. possession of a house, for instance, will be evidenced by acts different from those which would suffice for possession of a strip of waste land.
  6. the ownership, possession or use by or on behalf of the Insured Person of any mechanically-propelled vehicle or aircraft.
  7. Where a person is found in possession of recently stolen property it can be presumed by the court that he stole it, in the absence of a satisfactory explanation.
  8. It had been in the possession of Henry, Prince of Wales, prior to his accession in 1413.
  9. City had most of the possession in the opening 45 minutes, but they lost skipper Ian Butterworth with a rib injury at the interval.
  10. Nevertheless, possession is a fact which has an enormous legal significance, a fact to which legal rights are attached.
  11. This law dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was a means of filling the royal coffers, and until now it has allowed the State (today the Treasury) to claim possession of valuable objects whose owners cannot be traced.
  12. Nor is it due to black people's possession of special gifts or talents which equip them more satisfactorily for certain sporting events.
  13. Besides a "real" definition which exhibits the "form" or "essence" of what a thing really is, a form which explains the possession by a thing of its characteristic properties, they allowed for a "nominal" definition which captures only those properties themselves.

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