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Перевод слова

Перевод: possibility speek possibility

возможность ; вероятность ; перспектива


  1. We will strengthen support for such schemes and consult about the possibility of creating a new tax incentive to encourage companies to establish or extend an ESOP or set up a co-operative.
  2. With Japanese car manufacturers investing heavily in Britain to ensure they are inside the walls if the internal market turns into Fortress Europe, there is a possibility that Britain will become a net car exporter once again, a development which, more than any other, would help put the manufacturing balance of payments back in the black.
  3. Thus the doctor will be persuaded to err on the side of caution and to disregard the expressed view of his patient; that is, just as earlier we noted the possibility of the patient's view being overridden by an excess of zeal, now we see the same result produced by an excess of caution.
  4. This points up the possibility that the organizational differences built into the preliminary study may be only surface ones, masking "deeper" structures of thinking about the nature of social work.
  5. If this is the case, the adjustment is best made with the strings slackened so as to reduce the possibility of damaging the knife edges on the bridgeplate.
  6. If this explained Mason's reluctance to pressure Biggs in the middle rounds, thereby allowing the American to pepper him with jabs, it cannot obscure the possibility that the British heavyweight will always experience difficulty if required to take on a long contest.
  7. We talked of toxic wastes; the possibility of there ever being true democracy in Tonga ("on paper the place is ripe for revolution, it is true, and our friends in the other islands are experiencing troubled times, so we must be wary"); the complaints about corruption among the Tongan nobility, the curious business arrangements engineered between members of the royal family and the dubious Americans who were forever fetching up at the palace doorstep wishing to bend a royal ear to this scheme or that, with wealth and fame for all; and the most surprising news: his decision to demolish the royal palace.
  8. As heirs of the philosophical Enlightenment and the modern scientific world-view, they cannot grasp the possibility that Evil could be personified or exist as a spirit opposed to God and his creation.
  9. Another issue relating to informal care is of course the presence or absence of an able and willing carer, and the effect of such an absence upon the possibility of maintaining a dementia sufferer in the community.
  10. There remains the possibility that much social protest was expressed indirectly through crime.
  11. This is what that "freedom" amounted to: in the first place, to the relative possibility of choosing your own master (moving from one factory to another), the possibility of being "fired" and getting "the sack"; in the second place, this "freedom" implied competition between workers themselves .
  12. The distinction between capital and maintenance schemes can sometimes amount to little more than an administrative technicality, and as grants for capital schemes are reduced, there is a possibility that old-style capital works will be slipped by under the banner of maintenance.
  13. Previously the possibility that Honda viewed the links as only short-term could not be ruled out.

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