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Перевод слова

Перевод: preach speek preach

проповедовать; поучать; читать наставления; выступать в защиту


  1. At about the same time, the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the City of London decided to hold a Day of Solemn Thanksgiving to God for General Monk's success, and they requested Richard Baxter to preach in St. Paul's.
  2. We are at a disadvantage in Britain in that we do not have a revolutionary doctrine to preach: a vivid message that promises an unattainable millennium .
  3. The main function of early presbyters was not to preach or celebrate but to give counsel to bishops.
  4. The 680 pastors that serve the region are said to preach to well-attended churches on Sundays.
  5. Michael will be visiting us to preach on July 22nd.
  6. The Watchword had read, "Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God."
  7. We find a man busy about his parish, up early, taking services, preaching, preparing to preach, visiting the sick, conducting funerals, running a club.
  8. Doc Paisley was the first man I ever heard preach to me directly that I was sinner, that God loved me and that Jesus died for me
  9. I had it in big letters - "Father" Arrien (the father in inverted commas!) will preach on the blasphemy of the Roman Mass on such and such an evening - and the priest of the town, he went up to the council and objected to this and said that Wylie's a trouble maker.
  10. She will learn to preach and do the liturgy in the same way as he.
  11. Its text survives in a Fulda manuscript of c .820-;30, and Fulda was a monastery founded by St Boniface as a convenient centre from which to preach to several Germanic peoples including the Saxons.
  12. It was wittily said by a bright genius, who observed another to labour in the composition of a discourse he was to deliver in public, that such a painstaker was fitter to make a pulpit than to preach in it.
  13. As he put his foot on the doorstep, a young man seemed to jostle him - it was young McCulloch from Weem, the sulky handsome lad with the curly head - why had he come hanging about here instead of hearing his own man preach in Weem?

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