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Перевод слова

Перевод: predicament speek predicament

категория ; затруднение; затруднительное положение


  1. That predicament has undoubtedly been accentuated by events in Eastern Europe.
  2. For a poet so hostile to Virgil to discover that in extremis only Virgil had foreseen and foresuffered his predicament, and thereby eased it - this surely constitutes a very poignant moment in literary history, and in a history rather larger than "literary" may suggest.
  3. Only then to my embarrassment did Alf tell him of our predicament.
  4. The Povahs' predicament appears to have become a common one, and of course there is sympathy, but one does wonder at the borrowings and the strategy upon which they were based.
  5. He says of the liberals that they were placed in a predicament by the fall: "A democracy cannot be imposed by force, the majority must favour it, yet the majority wanted what Khomeini wanted - an Islamic republic."
  6. If it is true that humankind is fallen, that we are separated from the presence of God by our failure and helplessness and are in need of God's forgiveness, Abelard's views do not reflect sufficiently well the seriousness of our predicament.
  7. One of the French Commandos seeing my predicament involved the parents in conversation, while I found no difficulty in communicating with Francoise, their daughter.
  8. I really could not understand how a girl could allow herself to get into such a predicament.
  9. Fanon's analysis of racism and "negrophobia", and his articulation of the predicament of the person of colour living in, or in relation to, white culture, is also instructive for understanding sexual discrimination, especially homophobia, and the predicament of the gay person living in, or in relation to, heterosexual culture.
  10. But the East Germans, deaf to all advice, are lashing out in fury and bitterness, blaming everyone but themselves for their predicament.
  11. I am afraid that this does not answer G. I. Smith's predicament.
  12. On that occasion their predicament had been spotted and a boat had been sent out from Sharpness on a wild goose chase.
  13. Yet even the most productive thoughts and even the bravest of responses to the new dimensions of my predicament could not wholly keep the chill out of my bones or push away the icier gloom from above my head.

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