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Перевод слова

Перевод: presumably speek presumably

предположительно; по-видимому


  1. Presumably this total lack of interest was due to his belief, which he shared with other early Christians, that the Second Coming was imminent (Romans 13: 11-;12).
  2. Parties have been seen flying up the Channel, presumably on migration, twice in April (4th, 1961, and 7th, 1969), and once in March (30th, 1971).
  3. Presumably the working class were voting for the Labour Party since they saw it as their party and did not need to incentive of a party machine.
  4. Presumably you have to feel that strongly to do anything at all.
  5. The Achaemenid monarch Cambyses conquered Egypt in the year 525 BC (his predecessor Cyrus had conquered Babylon in 539 BC) and so the replacement of the "Old-Avestan calendar", as the one formerly used by the Iranians is now called, presumably occurred after that.
  6. Presumably for tax reasons, most refused to list their incomes and the magazine compiled its list with educated guesses, as Forbes and Fortune do with their much longer, global rich-lists.
  7. Somewhere underneath the pebble lenses, tinged both grey and pink, the steel traps and the wires were, presumably, a pair of eyes but they were only, really, a flicker, in the depths of the optician's pice de rsistance that towered above Ruthie's nose.
  8. J.H. Tranter - failed to return, presumably shot down by return fire from the Junkers.
  9. I know that the Julidochromis are a pair, because they had bred before I bought them, but since adding them to my aquarium three months ago, they haven't bred and one - presumably the male - continually chases the other.
  10. Presumably he means in addition to the words already widely accepted.
  11. If (a) becomes more detailed and precise, then presumably the system as a whole should place more emphasis on each teacher's equal professional responsibility, and less on exceptional charismatic individuals and inspirational management techniques.
  12. Such differing criteria as these will presumably be used for the purpose of assessing the course-work component of the examinations as well as the final papers.
  13. However, as members of the Cambridge Board Committee, both the District Chairman and Secretary were fully apprised of the details of the new arrangements and, presumably, acquiesced in the explicit transfer of providing powers under Chapter III for One-Year and Terminal courses in rural areas so that the complete scheme in Bedfordshire could be maintained as it had developed from 1927.

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