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Перевод слова

Перевод: prevention speek prevention

предотвращение; предупреждение; предохранение


  1. A prime requirement for the prevention of chronic complications such as coronary heart disease appears to be good glycaemic control, because many associated abnormalities such as hyperlipidaemia (Sosenko et al, 1980) and perhaps increased platelet aggregation (Petersen et al, 1977) may be improved as the blood glucose level is normalised.
  2. The prevention of purprestures was his responsibility: he threw down houses, sheepfolds and other buildings and enclosures erected without licence in his bailiwick, and attached those who made them to appear at the next Forest Eyre.
  3. This is in keeping with Parker's dictum that " prevention must be an objective at all stages of intervention" (Parker, 1980, p. 44).
  4. Any weeds that are able to get through the cover are knocked over, but the important purposes for keeping the mulch jostled about are air penetration and the prevention of rain run-off from a packed surface.
  5. prevention
  6. The emphasis with the old, as with any other age-group, should be on prevention before the need for cure arises, and some elderly people suffer quite unnecessarily from the "silent" types of illness which show no dramatic symptoms in their early stages (such as anaemia), and which might well be diagnosed if they visited their doctor at six-monthly intervals when feeling at all "off colour".
  7. The main change to current UK regulations suggested is the amendment of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988 (COSHH) to emphasise prevention of exposure to carcinogens at work by substitution and enclosed systems of work.
  8. The concept of prevention also began to embrace wider concerns for the well-being of all deprived children, not only those at immediate risk of entry into care (Leissner, 1967; Runnicles, 1968).
  9. But it also asserts that parents may need assistance in exercising their responsibilities, and here the Act takes a quantum leap from the old, restricted notions of "prevention", to a more positive outreaching duty of "support for children and families".
  10. Re-Solv, the Society for the Prevention of Solvent and Volatile Abuse, is a charity solely concerned with solvent misuse.
  11. The quality of advice on prevention also varies enormously: from the recommendation of safer sex and condom use (the Netherlands, Denmark), to the promotion of a monogamous lifestyle and the erosion of hard-won freedoms (Belgium, Italy).
  12. Primary prevention is before the moment of conception, when parents "at risk" of giving birth to a mentally handicapped child can be advised of the risks.
  13. Most doctors agree that diet plays a part in prevention of heart disease - less animal fats and more fibre are thought best - as discussed earlier.

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