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Перевод слова

Перевод: private speek private

частный; личный; неофициальный; рядовой; не находящийся на государственной службе; не занимающий официального поста; тайный; конфиденциальный; негласный; уединенный;
половые `органы; рядовой


  1. Two private shareholders called on Sir Derek Alun-Jones, Ferranti's chairman, to resign at the company's reconvened annual meeting yesterday.
  2. The present Christian Democrat government favours letting private enterprise run one or more of the three channels.
  3. There is now a considerable market value attaching to an accurate up-to-date and selective address list, and some of the largest collections of data in the private sector, running to thirty million entries or more in some cases, are amassed in this way.
  4. But the accusations of shoplifting completely devastated the player and his family and have left him bitter about the way Scottish newspapers pursue the private lives of football's master race.
  5. We rely entirely on the concern of private individuals like yourself.
  6. No one could foresee that over the course of the next few years the steel industry would be successfully reorganized and taken into the private sector.
  7. I would drive a few yards through the gate marked "private" and instantly be set upon by men wielding knobbly aluminium clubs, or I would return from the walk to find my car had been smelted into a set of folding tubular garden furniture.
  8. The comfortable rooms have a private shower, WC and most have a balcony or terrace.
  9. Besides, when you see what those jobs do to people's private lives you have major doubts.
  10. The government set about "freeing private enterprise" through a number of legislative and administrative changes, the major ones seeing the introduction of Enterprise Zones (EZs), Urban Development Corporations (UDCs) and Freeports.
  11. There are a few later portraits of women wearing the stola ; some, from provincial Italy and elsewhere, are of private citizens.
  12. Council has been insistent that as this strategic study of the profession moves to the advanced planning stage, it should take into account the public as well as the private sector, the small practitioner as well as the large.
  13. All bedrooms are twin bedded, although third and fourth beds are available, with a private bathroom, and some have a balcony.

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