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Перевод слова

Перевод: project speek project

план ; программа ; стройка ; строительный объект; осуществляемое строительство; внеаудиторная работа; проект ;
проектировать; составлять план; составлять проект; выдаваться; выступать; бросать; отражать; проецировать; выпускать; перенестись мысленно


  1. Successful completion of the project is crucial, for on it rests recognition by IOSCO, the representative body for stock exchanges worldwide, of financial statements prepared in accordance with IASs.
  2. Dr Smith carried out the project, funded by the American government, at the common cold research unit near Salisbury, Wilts, before it closed in 1989.
  3. The universities and electronics firms participating in the project say the wiring scheme in each house will link up with digital telecommunications networks carrying messages between cities and individual homes.
  4. The cost of this project, which was completed in 1983, was almost 2 million.
  5. The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has set aside 140000 for its first project directly related to robots.
  6. An expert at crisis management: Mr Morton's penchant for rows is one of his hallmarks: Jeremy Warner looks at the man entrusted with the spadework of the tunnel project
  7. 10.2 The Project Officer of each Academic Party will monitor the results produced by that Party to identify any material that may be protectable by IPR applications.
  8. There is, surprisingly, no specific encouragement for greening project areas in the Feet First proposals, though cleanliness is encouraged through poop-scoop schemes.
  9. Following the work that I had done at the MU on the Circuit Board Fault Diagnostic Aid in connection with my MSc project, 2 members of the staff had gained experience of expert systems: the Chief Technician and a civilian who had assisted me during the project.
  10. Allies and Morrison's initial project for Pier Head Liverpool
  11. Mr Steward may feel that the project is "low key", but when a nine acre sand and gravel pit is proposed to be worked for four years only a matter of 45 metres from the nearest residence and 280 metres from the centre of Cross Green (Atlas Aggregate's figures), the residents of Cockfield are entitled to feel differently.
  12. As the project team commented: "The public are naturally unwilling to accept change, particularly when it may involve some travelling disadvantage, unless they can recognise clear compensating benefits.
  13. It is we who project upon the continuous flux of history such categories as "Mannerism", and it is evident that not everybody at that period was a Mannerist.

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