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Перевод слова

Перевод: property speek property

собственность ; имущество; земельная собственность; имение; поместье; хозяйство; достояние; добро; право собственности; св`ойство; качество; бутафория ; реквизит ; аксессуар


  1. The law had failed, time and again, to protect his property and that of his neighbours.
  2. In the early 1980s, new lending was roughly the same in consumer finance as in housing and property finance.
  3. The city will purchase the property if not already owned by the city, and build a community centre.
  4. But the security and long-term attractions of many of the investor/developers, as opposed to the property traders which hold on to little of what they develop, makes many of the downgradings a nonsense.
  5. He was even able to produce the fragile Turkish deeds to the serail in Jaffa and British documents proving family ownership of orange groves in Yazour on the main Jaffa-;Jerusalem road (32 dunums), near Holon (76 dunums) and at Beit Dajan (240 dunums) and to property in Jerusalem, part of which was rented to a British assistant district commissioner.
  6. For adaptations to a property to enable an elderly person over 60) who is not the owner or tenant, but who intends to live in the property to be cared for by a friend or relative.
  7. "I often think how poor Mr. Green would have trembled for the issue, as the passing of this beautiful Property with many hands may exceedingly disfigure a neighbourhood, which he poor man often busied his hand in beautifying."
  8. So far as property rights were concerned the Vice-Chancellor held that words being transmitted by electrical impulses could not in themselves be the subject-matter of property rights.
  9. However, what concerns Marx most is to show just how different this type of communal property is to private property under capitalism.
  10. By selling out when land values hit their peak in 1988 and then buying back at bargain levels later on, canny Pidgely has been able to slash house prices and still make a near-20% average profit per property.
  11. Architects will provide partial services to advise you on the condition of a property you are interested in.
  12. They were told in May to avoid making errors in assessments, and to stop peasants concealing the extent of their property.
  13. The government's response to the 1981 report of the Property Advisory Group.

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