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Перевод слова

Перевод: proposition speek proposition

утверждение; заявление; предложение; предприятие; дело; проблема ; человек, с которым ведутся дела; теорема ; проект ; гнусное предложение; план ;
предложить; сделать гнусное предложение


  1. Stuttgart were a different proposition in the last 20 minutes when they'd scored.
  2. From the day I first got an inkling of "where babies come from" and taxed my mother with the proposition that I was therefore no relation to my father, I believed that it was me and me alone who had been responsible for all that pain and trouble called my birth .
  3. Arius and his friends had suggested that his critics must presuppose the (to him) unacceptable proposition that the Son's relation to the Father is one of "identity of being", language unprotected against the heresy of Sabellius.
  4. In this brief precis of object relations theory I have started from the proposition that good objects are remembered and bad ones only hidden in the unconscious.
  5. For though when I say Gold is a metal, I say by implication that if there be any other metals it must resemble them, yet if there were no other metals I might still assert the proposition with the same meaning as at present, namely, that gold has the various properties implied in the word metal
  6. And the proposition that the Conservative benches are now occupied by men and women whose ambitions have been forged in industry is greatly exaggerated.
  7. On independent advice, the syndicate of more than 200 banks appears to have decided Eurotunnel is no longer a bankable proposition.
  8. That this means that homosexuals should be able to adopt children is, however, a proposition which I hesitate to advance.
  9. In the noble eloquence of his plea for conciliation with the colonists, Burke, who based his case on the proposition that they had not been represented at Westminster, drew a strange and illogical conclusion.
  10. It has been suggested that the supply of slaves dried up and that slaves are by their nature infertile, so that a slave population dies out if not constantly recruited; but neither proposition can be defended.
  11. There is truth in that, also in the proposition that in Western culture the "tragic vision" has been one of the most powerful means of containing and sublimating desire.
  12. The check-flights will keep the airframe "live" and allow a ferry flight to another destination, if the RAF do give up the aircraft, to be a much more cost effective proposition than the notion of dismantling her.
  13. "You will surely tell me that this universal proposition is true "Every man is a biped"

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