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Перевод слова

Перевод: propulsion speek propulsion

продвижение; движение вперед; силовая установка; толчок ; импульс ; движущая сила


  1. The survey data will be analysed fully at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, where a catalogue of all sources discovered, expected to number in the region of 1 million, will ultimately be made.
  2. Some Scammell units were equipped for battery electric propulsion by Partridge Wilson Co Ltd, of Leicester.
  3. The results are being processed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California.
  4. After the senior officer war course in 1960, he was appointed assistant director of electrical engineering at the Admiralty, where he was involved in the design of high voltage electrical supply systems for the projected giant aircraft carrier CVA01 and propulsion systems for submarines.
  5. Her "revolutionary" form of propulsion and distinctive profile attracted great attention when she visited American waters in 1926, after a refit, under her new name Baden-Baden.
  6. Alan Bates's Muse Of Fire, for example, could have been compiled by a computer: its selection of all the biggest blazes in world literature lacks any sense of dramatic propulsion, a shapeless cabaret-set without music.
  7. Even the new silent propulsion system seen on some new Russian submarines was not their own invention but came from Toshiba of Japan.
  8. The AP1-88's air-cooled truck diesels that provide both lift and propulsion are heavier than the converted aero engine that powers the SR.N6, but they burn less fuel and cost only one-fifth as much.
  9. The military world was on the threshold of far-reaching revolutionary changes in weapon technology, not only in atomic weapons, but also in propulsion systems, missile guidance and electronics generally.
  10. The propulsion engines drive the propellers via toothed belts, removing the need for the complicated transmission used with gas turbines.
  11. During the early 1950s too little was known about rocket propulsion and missile performance for finite decisions to be taken in favour of either aircraft or missiles.
  12. It, too, uses a superconducting electro-magnetic propulsion (SEMP) system to slide silently through the water.
  13. By that time there were three supersonic contenders for the medium term: the English Electric Company's P-1, which later became the Lightning, the Saunders Roe P-177, which combined jet with rocket propulsion; and the Fairey delta-winged PD-2, in which Peter Twiss wrested the air speed record from the Americans in 1956 with a speed of 1,132 m.p.h.

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