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Перевод слова

Перевод: putter speek putter

короткая клюшка;
бесцельно тратить время; лодырничать; двигаться медленно; работать лениво; работать беспорядочно


  1. It's a putter!
  2. A HUNGARIAN shot putter last night became the first Paralympic Games competitor to fail a drugs test.
  3. Tom Luker Putter:
  4. "Have you seen the new Supersight putter?" asked Toby.
  5. A one-club competition (no putter) was so popular it was spread over two days; most members using a 3 or 4-iron, and several breaking 100 gross.
  6. Well, that putter's probably with Tony now.
  7. Most players break this down to three woods, ten irons, and a putter.
  8. Watching the event on TV it was clear that it wasn't his putter that was the problem.
  9. He was hardly able to hold the putter.
  10. He didn't think he was a good putter - though since he's found out he was a good putter then - but he played wonderful golf from tee to green.
  11. Another past champion graphically described this as the moment when the golfer blacks out and hasn't the remotest idea that he is holding a putter at all.
  12. Faldo's putter was ice-cool in the 90 degree heat, with at least 10 birdie putts of 18ft or less missing the target.
  13. He has lengthened the putter, to stand more upright, and quickened his routine on the green.

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