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Перевод слова

Перевод: quote speek quote

цитата ; кавычки ; назначенная цена;
цитировать; ссылаться; открывать кавычки; брать в кавычки; назначать цену; давать расценку; котировать


  2. You wanted to wake up with him right there in the room and to turn to him and quote the next line of the film right back at him, to whisper it to him, make me almost believe that we are a pair of young lovers without any shame , and I don't mean that in some tragedy queen way, but in order to say of Boy that truly I do think that it is a beauty like his that makes it all worth while, and I do feel that if we are fighting for anything, and if I was asked in a questionnaire what it was I was fighting for (and believe me I do feel like I am fighting, more and more I think that), then I would answer, beauty.
  3. Also in the Post was a quote from an anonymous jockey who proclaimed: "That was the worst ride I've ever seen.
  4. The Italian influence on British cooking has resulted in a shift away from traditional classical sauces and stocks towards an emphasis on "something exquisitely fresh, with the least amount of modification in the process of preparation", to quote from an old Tuscan cookery book.
  5. Quote of the week
  6. It would be tedious to quote and consider every one of the tributes that Pound paid to Binyon.
  7. Their aim was, to quote a directive from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the "elimination of ultra-nationalism the strengthening of democratic tendencies in governmental, economic and social institutions = = the encouragement and support of liberal political tendencies in Japan" (Ward 1968 p.480).
  8. Corals quote The Fellow as 11-8 favourite, a position he inherited from the injured Remittance Man, with Bradbury Star 7-2.
  9. Quote: "Conservation of lichens oftens means site preservation, identification of old trees and saving them from felling".
  10. Like any actor who has to play many different parts, all Reagan wanted were a few good lines written for him on cue cards that he could quote without having to tax his own abilities.
  11. To quote one of the teachers involved in our study:
  12. Cox and Kings Brochure Service 051 355 7175 quote ref XE0601.
  13. The quote is: "At the inaugural dinner for its first showing at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum in April 1991, Rand Castile, the director, admitted to a personal call from Henry Kissinger suggesting that he drop the show, diplomatic relations with China being at stake".

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