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Перевод слова

Перевод: rally speek rally

объединение; собрание; массовый митинг; съезд ; слет ; сбор ; восстановление сил; восстановление; авторалли; ралли; быстрый обмен ударами; оживление;
собираться; приходить на помощь; сплачиваться; сплотиться; воссоединяться; собирать; сплачивать; воссоединять; овладевать собой; оправляться; возобновлять борьбу после поражения; оживляться; крепнуть; шутить; подшучивать; подсмеиваться; иронизировать


  1. Thus the rally at Ardboe High Cross was also feted by a selection of prose and poetry by local writers which focused attention on the area's rich history and culture.
  2. Jonathan Aitken has been taken off the back benches and made minister of state for defence, in the hope that he can continue to rally the Euro-sceptics as he did over Maastricht.
  3. However, new time buying inspired another rally which petered out towards the close as Wall Street performed poorly with junk bonds under pressure.
  4. The size and sincerity of the rally, for Iraq and against Morocco's traditional allies, seemed to rattle the king.
  5. Immigration, however, may prove to be a banner around which only the rightwing can rally.
  6. Driskell, the winner of the 1934 Monte Carlo Rally.
  7. CARLOS SAINZ put the seal on his late, late world title surge with a comprehensive victory in the Lombard RAC Rally yesterday.
  8. But shares staged a spirited rally an hour before the close and the FT-SE roared to a new all-time peak of 2792.0 a whisker below the magical 2800 level.
  9. Following disturbances in Southall, London, in April 1979, when Asian youths assembled to protest against a National Front political rally during the general election, and when a New Zealand demonstrator was killed, some alleged by a blow from a police officer, the Home Secretary set in motion a review of the law.
  10. Much use is made of air-to-air film, obviously shot prior to the actual rally weekend, for the aircraft in question are seen flying in blue skies!
  11. Top teams traditionally stay away from the gruelling west African rally, making it an irresistible attraction for those teams which cannot win elsewhere.
  12. This theme was taken up by Mr Baker, Home Secretary, in a speech in Chepstow, attacking Labour's rally in Sheffield on Wednesday.
  13. He had told an election-eve rally in Astroarena, Washington: "The gods are smiling upon us and I know we are going to win."

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