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Перевод слова

Перевод: ramp speek ramp

скат ; уклон ; наклонная плоскость; борт [авто] ; трап ; реактивная пусковая установка; сходня [мор.] ; аппарель [мор.] ; ярость ; мошенничество; вымогательство; грабеж ; остряк [ж.-д.] ;
идти под уклон; сооружать рампу; ползти; виться (о растениях); стоять на задних лапах; угрожать; принимать угрожающую позу; бросаться; неистовствовать; бушевать; вымогать; грабить


  1. Visitors enter the slate-floored reception area up a slight ramp from the door - the tall, interior brick elevation, with its curiously convoluted buttress, slides away to the left.
  2. This year the flat bottom was extended to 12 ft and the ramp completely resurfaced.
  3. But no, Bill then gave them another chance and another meeting, this time 120 skaters went along, and they came up with the following ramps: 20ft wide 6ft tall spine ramp, with the spine itself being 12 ft wide the other 8ft bit being platform, and another 12 ft wide mini ramp, plus street stuff like fun boxes etc.
  4. At first the ramp was set up without any flat bottom or platforms and three feet of vert, the ramp remained like this for about half a year.
  5. The park is pretty dialled in with a food shop, skate shop, and the midi ramp.
  6. Freestyle Ramps will provide the ramp, in the form of a brand new big vert job, which will then be shipped back to England and used at the Town and Country show this year as well.
  7. Ian Cocking just about manages to persuade the council that the ramp is worth keeping so the ramp is fixed up but a botch job on one piece of coping makes any trick other then just plain rock 'n' rolls virtually impossible.
  8. Each rig crew comprises a driver, Who drives the vehicle on land, a pilot, Who operates it when it becomes a "boat" on the water, and the youngest member, a crewman, who operates the hydraulic ramp controls and does all the deck jobs.
  9. Here is a brief history of the ramp and some background to those behind the scenes.
  10. Of course during the ramp's 11 year history as well as making professional skaters it has attracted a fair few.
  11. The vertical ramp will be made to the same dimensions as Southsea's, as long as they can come up with the money to make it.
  12. The brand new ramp deck for Steve Caballero, once again made by Powell Peralta. and it's about time Cab had a new model: this one is 31 inches long, with a 6 inch tail, 9 inch wide.

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