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Перевод слова

Перевод: ration speek ration

рацион ; паек ; порция ; порцион ; продовольствие;
выдавать паек; выдавать пайки; снабжать продовольствием; нормировать выдачу; нормировать


  1. If there was anything like a Foreign Legion story, or something like Hitchcock's Lifeboat , when the characters had to ration out the water, you'd slowly turn up the heat.
  2. The problem was commonly posed as guns versus butter, or, in the case of Keynes's original memorandum, overseas troops versus the bacon ration.
  3. Contents will include monthly performance costings and ration planning services for all buyers of Keenan Easi-feeders.
  4. Ain't even on ration coupons.
  5. In short, the ration book would have become a national institution like the council house.
  6. Ration accounting is now a computerised orperation.
  7. While these were not banned, they were not always easy to get, partly because state publishers had to use much of their manpower and paper ration churning out millions of volumes of turgid Party-approved prose and the works of Lenin.
  8. Almost all food is now legally available only to those with ration books.
  9. In the door of the shop stands the owner, with the Company's Ration Warrant Officer conducting individual qualitative and quantitative checks on what is being loaded on to the vehicle.
  10. "You don't seem to be getting your ration, judging by your nasty temper."
  11. Byrne said that they each carried a water bottle, a compass, a revolver, eight Lewes bombs, a tin of chocolate, and a mixed ration consisting of raisins, lumps of cheese and broken biscuits.
  12. Paradoxically, social work has also had to ration the supply of those services.
  13. Given the straits to which the British economy was reduced in 1947, when it was necessary to ration even bread and potatoes, an outflow of capital equal to about 8 per cent of national income and nearly equal to total net domestic capital formation (including stock-building) is a very extraordinary event.

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