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Перевод слова

Перевод: realign speek realign

перестраивать; реконструировать


  1. Osteopathy uses massage and gentle manipulation to soften and realign the body.
  2. The physiotherapists also worked to relieve his shoulder pain and realign the joint.
  3. Realign that distal parallax fibrillator."
  4. BP and Shell shares overcame a profit downgrading from County NatWest and moved ahead, although the gain was largely to realign with Friday's rises on Wall Street.
  5. To facilitate the change over, 11 days were dropped - the 2nd of September being followed by the 14th - to realign with the solar year.
  6. When the display is switched on (3a) both dye and LC molecules realign.
  7. This allows multiple techniques to be completed without having to dismantle, reassemble and realign equipment between tests.
  8. Tricon strongly advises the Cassons to realign the hotel's position in the marketplace to take advantage of currently untapped business.
  9. IN ONE of his most difficult balancing acts to date, Mikhail Gorbachev, who arrived in East Berlin yesterday, urged the hard-line East German leadership to discuss economic and political reform with "all groups in society", while warning West Germany against any attempt to realign post-war borders in Europe.
  10. Now on the agenda are proposals to widen and realign the Woolmer Road, together with an improved junction where it joins the A325 north of the village.
  11. Eliot's early and best criticism was what he called "workshop" criticism, an attempt to realign literary tradition in the interests of the kind of poetry he wanted to write.
  12. He tried to realign retrospectively things he had written many years before, for what at the time had been entirely adequate reasons.
  13. Philip and Lesley Casson were strongly advised to realign the hotel's position in the marketplace

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