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Перевод слова

Перевод: reasonably speek reasonably

разумно; приемлемо; сносно; довольно; достаточно; умеренно


  1. McLeish was reasonably satisfied that Angela Morgan was not lying unidentified in any morgue, nor in any hospital, unconscious or suffering from loss of memory.
  2. Roads with unexpected humpback bridges, tightening-radius corners and reasonably free of police and radar traps.
  3. The obvious response to this question would be to say that the school should do all that it reasonably can.
  4. It seems reasonably certain that different human brains are not anatomically identical, as different Aplysia brains are, although there are striking similarities in the kinds of neurones present in particular regions of the brain, and in their connections.
  5. Louis Blom-Cooper and his team made a reasonably promising start yesterday.
  6. After a lousy annual meeting and a lousy result against Crystal Palace, Alex Ferguson might reasonably have hoped for a change of fortune.
  7. Would she even have started the relationship if she had not been reasonably certain that in the end he would not leave his wife?
  8. Second, the welfare of the child was important in the sense that the reasonably parent, however anguishing the decision might be, would put his or her own child's welfare right in the forefront of the decision.
  9. For example, I used to play squash reasonably well, although I have only monocular vision.
  10. It is men who decide what a woman can reasonably expect of life.
  11. Even the island of nuclear stability, that metallic gleam in the physicists' eye which promises stable or reasonably long-lived elements around atomic number 114, can only add a few more to the current tally.
  12. Most of these (excluding the odd insomniac) must be reasonably committed to the programme's curiously shifting agenda but, with these kind of viewing figures, and an annual budget of about 4.5 million, it is easy to understand why The Late Show has caused such widespread resentment in the BBC.
  13. But with modern electronic compensation, one finds the drum-kit is reasonably well captured.

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