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Перевод слова

Перевод: recess speek recess

перерыв в работе; перерыв в заседаниях; каникулы ; большая перемена в школе; углубление; ниша ; альков ; ямка ; впадина ; паз ; вогнутость ; выемка [тех.] ; выточка ; прорезь ; тайник ; глухое место; уединенное место; укромный уголок;
отодвигать назад; прятать в тайник; помещать в укромном месте; делать перерыв в работе; делать перерыв; помещать в углубление; делать углубление; углублять; делать выемку; поднутрять [тех.]


  1. Carefully chisel a recess inside the pencil line to the thickness of the faceplate, so that the lock will be completely recessed when fitted.
  2. The National Lotteries Bill will be published before the Commons rises for the Christmas recess on Thursday, paving the way for it to become law next year.
  3. This "step" is mirrored at the tip of the asymmetric headstock, and at the recess in the base of the body, with two straplock buttons either side of the base allowing for good free-standing stability.
  4. The Parliamentary recess would be a suitable moment for having an overhaul of the committee system and seeing whether any could be reduced.
  5. He said that if the design of the Foreign Office were changed, the India Office would also have to be changed and urged Palmerston and Wood to do nothing during the recess that would prejudice the adoption of the designs on display.
  6. The report will be debated in the House of Lords after the summer recess.
  7. To the north are the giants of the Pennines and eastward are interminable rolling moors divided by the loneliest and least-known of the Yorkshire Dales, the wild recess of Whitsundale.
  8. She waited breathlessly, pressed closely into a recess in the outer wall, straining her eyes to catch a glimpse of the men as they came within the orbit of the flambeau.
  9. Hall said that he was intending to proceed with the two offices, and during the recess he would have the interiors of the designs amended.
  10. The sequence of production was as follows: 1 Centre drill shell base; 2 rough machine outer surface; 3 finish machine outer surface; 4 recess base for base plate (this removed the centring); 5 turn base plate; 6 roll to secure base plate; 7 reface base end; 8 heat shell nose end; 9 press form shell nose; 10 finish turn shell nose and thread internally for fuse; 11 part copper driving band from tube; 12 heat copper band; 13 press copper band into recess in shell body; 14 turn copper band to profile; 15 inspection; 16 shellac spray shell cavity and 17 grease outer surface.
  11. She was pointing at a recess scraped in the soft earth and pine needles.
  12. But it took some getting at, the core of the physical jungle, the dark and deepest recess of organic shame.
  13. Lord Boyd-Carpenter, chairman of backbench Tory peers, said it would be wise to use the Christmas recess to give further thought to the scheme.

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