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Перевод слова

Перевод: replacement speek replacement

замещение; замена ; заменитель ; подмена ; пополнение; пополнение в личном составе; возмещение войскам материальных средств


  1. As Doohan built up a lead of almost seven seconds, Rainey settled for second place on his Yamaha, 12 seconds clear of third-placed Daryl Beattie, of Australia, riding a Rothmans Honda for the first time as a replacement for the injured Wayne Gardner.
  2. Good news was the decision to build a replacement.
  3. Similarly in the Western Ghats, much of the region is deforested and overgrazed and rates of soil erosion have increased, a situation which is not being improved by the replacement of buffalo and cattle by goats.
  4. Anchorlite Slate is the result of 10 years research and development to produce a replacement for natural slate that is virtually indistinguishable both in weight and visual appeal.
  5. We hear many reports that the Land Rover 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine is underpowered, drinks oil and needs constant servicing Can the new Discovery 200 TDi turbo diesel engine be fitted into a 110 as a replacement engine?
  6. Even the lack of a catchy slogan at the decade's end ("The age of the train's" replacement "We're getting there" only lasted briefly) contributes to this lack of social purpose.
  7. Yet not all instances of theory replacement are quite so straightforward, for some have rumbled on for decades.
  8. To ensure that progress on waiting times continues, we intend that from 31 March 1993, no one should have to wait more than 18 months for a hip or knee replacement, or a cataract operation.
  9. "We've been doing replacement parts for many years and although that's still a big part of our business, I wanted to sell complete, good-quality guitars and the Austin Special and the 555 are just perfect for us.
  10. F.W. Winches provided a replacement unit and I was advised to fit a breather pipe to the transfer box, top inspection cover, to relieve excess pressure.
  11. Modi asked Guillaume, as a Frenchman, to make a recommendation to the authorities for replacement of his papers.
  12. It reacts with zero valent metal complexes by ligand replacement, particularly substitution of carbonyls and phosphine complexes.
  13. Fulham defender Jeff Hopkins has been recalled to the Welsh squad for the World Cup qualifier against The Netherlands as a replacement for Kevin Ratcliffe.

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