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Перевод слова

Перевод: residue speek residue

остаток ; осадок ; отстой ; вещество, оставшееся после сгорания или выпаривания; наследство; наследство, очищенное от долгов и налогов


  1. They visited three tribal villages where cotton stalks are a major crop residue: Goral, Kanpur and Choriwad, They found that, when wood became expensive, the poor villagers relied on cotton stalks as fuel.
  2. " all the residue of my estate".
  3. Some elderly people have been through a divorce leaving a residue of ambivalent feelings and some social isolation (Hunt, 1978, Table 12:8:1).
  4. Cleanse your face as usual and take off any residue with toner.
  5. Domain III (residue 501 to the C terminus, residue 644) together with Domain I, makes up the bulky end of the wedge-shaped molecule.
  6. Directions can be misleading in that the product is shown squirted onto surfaces a practice that leads to over-use, rinsing difficulties and a residue of fine white powder if rinsing is not complete.
  7. This is not always necessary on liquid-based foundation as it dries and will set without leaving any residue.
  8. Yet in fact the principle at stake is quite a different one: these texts are dealing with a special type of trust of the residue of an estate, under which a trustee was requested on his death to hand over whatever was left of the estate he had inherited.
  9. After Freud had done his worst it turned out that there was still an " unanalysed residue" when he had a major relapse some years later.
  10. Contributing factors include a very dry, hot summer which helps the algae to flourish, along with the residue of pesticides from farms and effluent from factories which, although greatly improved in modern times and now controlled, have left a residue on the loch bottom which still caused problems.
  11. These are the congealed and metamorphosed residue left in the bowels from which magma, or molten rock, has been vomited upwards.
  12. Mudd Scrub Plus, with its creamy natural "walnut formula", works on and beneath the skin surface to remove make-up residue, dulling grime and skin debris.
  13. The residue (10 11s. 1d.) was put on deposit for future redemptions!

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