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Перевод слова

Перевод: sacred speek sacred

священный; святой; духовный; неприкосновенный; посвященный


  1. Under Mr Jim Bolger, Prime Minister, many of Labour's sacred cows have been desanctified.
  2. A lone grave, the resting-place of one who had died at sea, lay at a point of land under the shelter of a rugged knoll: the grassy mound was decked with a cross of white stones, and at either end an unhewn rock was placed to mark the spot as sacred; and on the taller stone was a square patch whereon the remains of an inscription that bore a roughly-drawn cross and an anchor, and the fact J. M "L. died at sea - all else defaced.
  3. English history has a tendency to assimilate developments into a mythic story, so that events which were a victory for some faction or interest group get retrospectively sanctioned as a sacred progress of democratic tradition.
  4. But with their full entry into Roman secular society in the course of the fourth century, two systems of sacred time came to coexist.
  5. and despite my inbuilt irreverence for all sacred stones of all establishment temples, I too had grown up with an aura of awe for the British and all things British, and London was meant to encompass represent and symbolize the best of the best of it all.
  6. The Ganges: sacred river of Hindus.
  7. Opens to you his sacred heart.
  8. The altering of the landscape in order to achieve better energies at a site may be a simple matter, like tending a spring to make sure it continues to Mow freely, or planting trees at a sacred spot.
  9. His force had recently been strengthened by a group of Greeks, who became known as the Sacred Squadron, the latest recruits to the SAS empire.
  10. Diagonally opposite the stove is the icon corner, although for a Belorussian peasant the most sacred spot is the stove column, where the souls of predecessors reside.
  11. Just as Greek was to him a "sacred language", so "every Baptist place should be Grecian, never Gothic".
  12. The pine was particularly sacred to Dionysus.
  13. This life is sacred and is a gift.

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