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Перевод слова

Перевод: scarf speek scarf

шарф ; кашне; галстук ; скос ; косой срез или кромка; соединение замк`ом;
соединять замк`ом; сращивать; резать вкось; скашивать; отесывать края; отесывать углы; делать пазы; делать выемки; делать продольный разрез


  1. Preferably swathed in a scarf which can double as a belt, a bikini top - or even as a scarf.
  2. As they sat with their drinks on the terrace, Lunia noticed a handsome young man in a velvet suit wearing a large black felt hat and a red scarf crossing the Boulevard Montparnasse.
  3. Luke pointed to a red spotted scarf gathering dust up on the dashboard.
  4. Head wrapped in a scarf and tied over her chin.
  5. I made a scarf and then set off to knit socks, but got into a mess with the difficult parts and Mother finished them off.
  6. So despite the yellow scarf strangling my balls, the brown make-up, and even the accent, I relished being the pivot of the production.
  7. At a certain stage in the evening Modigliani would decide to undress, unravelling the long red scarf he wore around his waist in theatrical fashion.
  8. She wore men's trousers under a wrap-around overall, heavy clogs on her feet and a scarf tied round her head like a turban to keep her hair in place.
  9. Now she let it down and tied it at the nape of her neck with a scarf.
  10. When Mr Graham first appeared in court reporting restrictions were lifted and Lorna Burns, for the prosecution, described how police arrived at the flats to find a man with a scarf around his face lying unconscious on the first-floor landing with a stab wound in his chest.
  11. "I recognized her when her wig fell off," my abductor said, holding it up with the scarf.
  12. I really like my new jacket and hat and scarf, and when we stop and chat with a couple of people from the house, they say how smart I look.
  13. Branagh's version retains a Chorus - Derek Jacobi in voice-over or in twentieth-century mufti (greatcoat and scarf), sometimes even sharing the frame with the action - though arguably the camera can be trusted to set the scene unaided.

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