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Перевод слова

Перевод: scratch speek scratch

случайный; собранный наспех; сборный; используемый для набросков; используемый для черновиков; разношерстный;
царапина ; ссадина ; метка ; пометка ; каракули ; насечка ; царапанье; почесывание; расчесывание; зуд ; скрип ; чирканье; стартовая черта; линия старта; участник состязания, не получающий преимущества; росчерк ; мокрец ; экскориация ;
царапать; оцарапать; расцарапать; поцарапать; царапаться; скрипеть; заскрипеть; чесать; чесаться; почесать; почесывать; нацарапать; скрести; скрестись; выкапывать; рыть когтями; вычеркивать; бросать; отказываться


  1. A Producer would simply form a scratch troupe and almost throw them on stage.
  2. However, it is also unlikely that any company will draw up an agreement from scratch.
  3. I've spent nearly a week playing around with the Korg A2 and I feel I haven't done more than scratch the surface.
  4. "The hole in my hat is so I can easily scratch my head!"
  5. Mr Kluge built a communications conglomerate, Metromedia Inc, from scratch.
  6. He moved a leg to scratch - innocently? - his bulging crotch, and the knee just touched mine beneath the table, as if accidentally, and I felt as if I had been touched by lightning.
  7. He was told to strip for a medical examination but he wasn't up to scratch and failed, and so never got his chance.
  8. He was a scratch player at many courses, and could maintain that standard, as seventeen trophies, including the Fife Amateur Championship and two Army Championships, proved.
  9. The winner, Ernest Fryer, returned a 54 (65 - 11), followed by another five boys on net 63 or less, all beating into 6th place L. Dove playing off scratch who returned 65!
  10. If your faithful old fridge, freezer or washing machine isn't looking quite up to scratch, why not give it a face-lift with a fresh coat of paint from an aerosol spray
  11. scratch "n sniff
  12. What it may have sacrificed along the way is the user's ability to create new sounds from scratch, though you can still edit existing ones.

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