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Перевод слова

Перевод: seize speek seize

хватать; завладевать; схватить; понять; захватить; нахватать; захватывать; конфисковать; налагать арест; ухватиться; цапать; хапать; воспользоваться; охватить; обдавать; вводить во владение; вселяться; заедать; найтовить; обуять; обуревать


  1. Like the world of commerce, the clerical profession offered increasingly varied opportunities to young men with the means, the talents or the vocation to seize them.
  2. President Corazon Aquino of the Philippines stood by her decision to forbid the return of Ferdinand Marcos's body for burial, saying his corpse still had a "malignant power" which could be used by his followers to seize power.
  3. Although trading standards officers have the power to seize fake goods - and prosecute both the manufacturer and seller - they admit the ones they catch are only the tip of the iceberg.
  4. This latter force would then seize Gosport and bombard Portsmouth Harbour and town from their exposed, western, side.
  5. For skin rolling, seize the flesh between thumb and forefinger and lift it away from the bone.
  6. The Spaniards were persuaded to prolong their stay, ostensibly to stay safe from the French, until secret arrangements had been made to seize their treasures.
  7. In a relaxed and confident address to the Parliament of Popular Power, General Noriega told more than 500 delegates that if he dies, his supporters should seize all government installations and continue a process of national liberation from US imperialism without him.
  8. Under this cover of tradition and past glory, however, the executive has bustled through informally to seize almost total power.
  9. The most carefully designed machine in the world will seize up if over worked.
  10. Claiming a widespread dissatisfaction with the quality of education being provided by LEA schools, and promising greater opportunities for parent power to preserve local accountability, it was able to seize control over the curriculum with considerable public support.
  11. If they land the cargo, we will seize the plane upon arrival."
  12. "Yeltsin and Kravchuk are dragging us down to their level, and Admiral Chernavin just gives in," he said, adding: "I believe the military will seize power."
  13. Syrian forces, Lebanese troops, and militiamen have been poised for a week for an attack to seize the palace.

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