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Перевод слова

Перевод: seldom speek seldom



  1. "I was seldom aware of it."
  2. The old person is more likely to experience the effects of chronic grief which are made worse by continuing life events but seldom balanced as in younger years by new attachments.
  3. Those who have read him know how seldom he declares himself thus roundly and emphatically.
  4. I therefore decline to don the straitjacket of those scientists (not all) who can only accept such facts as they reach via their own limited, analytic logic; who tend to study the parts in ever narrowing detail but too seldom consider the whole.
  5. They had continued to write, frequently at first, then more and more seldom, and only once more had he heard from him, by chance, after long years: married, a father, in a high judicial position.
  6. His brother vanished upstairs and a door, seldom locked, opened and closed noisily.
  7. But seldom more reluctant to my Will:
  8. Although he gives Rosa and Claude as his mentors, he seldom followed their rigid classical composition, indeed in his mountainous terrain this would have been very difficult.
  9. Total production in the long term is seldom higher than that of permanent pasture.
  10. One, seldom more than three feet high and called by Ray the Dwarf Red Rose, had small flowers and rounded buds which before opening appeared "as if they had been clipp'd with Scissars".
  11. While the period of maturing is seldom described as such, the hams are thoroughly air-dried after being treated with a mixture of sugars and spices; they are also often smoked before drying.
  12. There is seldom enough winter keep for the whole of the breeding stock, and ewe lambs are often sent away to winter in less rugged conditions.
  13. He walked slowly down the lane, enjoying the feel of the pressed brown suit he so seldom wore, this new excitement midst the humdrum of his life.

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