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Перевод слова

Перевод: shatter speek shatter

обломок ; осколок ;
разбить вдребезги; разбивать; раздробить; разбиться вдребезги; расстраивать; расшатывать; разрушать; поколебать


  1. Way back in the middle ages its lonely church was a link with one of the wealthiest, and eventually most corrupt, of religious orders - an order which, it has been suggested, could have shattered, and indeed, still could shatter Christianity to its foundations.
  2. If governments really want to shatter the world economy, January 1991 would be an unusually good time to start.
  3. Long Talking Bad Conditions Blues (1979) makes a virtue out of the condition of "accelerated shatter" he had located in his earlier novels by attempting to link the diverse aspects of his text within a verbal flow, a "stream of language" introduced by a twelve-page unpunctuated single sentence.
  4. Gabriel has ousted it as a skyscraper will fragment a cloud, as a charging bull will shatter the morning mist, as a massive ink-stain will erase a delicate sketch.
  5. They heard, through the thunder, one of the great yemery trees shatter.
  6. A flick of a switch and the flashing blue lights and two-tone horns shatter the relative peace of the night.
  7. She watched her mother shatter into a million pieces.
  8. On the other hand, the arrival of an adult "observer" or "intruder" may shatter the illusion and bring the play to a halt.
  9. In this respect the mantle rocks resemble pitch or brittle toffee, which will shatter at a sudden blow, but will bend easily if flexed slowly and continuously.
  10. There was a tension in the air, as if they were sailing within a millimetre-thin glass bowl that was about to shatter.
  11. Kafka wrote that a book should be an axe to shatter the frozen sea within us; Eliot said that we should properly "find Othello or Lear frightful".
  12. Unease returns to shatter her friendly complicity and she jumps up.
  13. Not only do these shatter on hard impact, but the edges have been known to nip off any parts straying outside when an incoming kick is struck home.

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