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Перевод слова

Перевод: short speek short

короткий; низкий; невысокий; краткий; краткосрочный; сжатый; короткометражный; неполный; недостаточный; плохой; не достигающий; резкий; грубый; отрывистый; сухой; крепкий; рассыпчатый; ломкий; хрупкий; стриженый;
резко; круто; внезапно; преждевременно; коротко; кратко; не доезжая;
краткость ; краткий гласный или слог; краткий гласный звук; знак краткости; короткометражный фильм; короткое замыкание; недолет ; спекулянт, играющий на понижение; глоток спиртного; рюмка спиртного; мелкие отруби; отходы ; краткосрочные ценные бумаги


  1. Are they short, positive and to the point?
  2. Wright's tone, only just short of saying every other paragraph, "Isn't she awful!", is rather unpleasant.
  3. The slum clearance schemes, and the construction of the Quarry Hill flats were largely stimulated by the short period in which the Leeds City Labour Party held control of the City Council.
  4. I cut out all the short stories from nearly 100 magazines and pasted them into a collection of scrapbooks.
  5. There are concerts during June and from September until November, with a short ballet season in September.
  6. A short mile further on, a gate in a wall to the left gives access to the isolated farmhouse of Old Ing.
  7. Farrar was short with livery lips and thick black eyebrows, and Something was prematurely bald and thought he was really cool.
  8. As time trouble approached, Short went for a wild kingside attack, but Karpov played well and it was Short's king which proved the weaker.
  9. Sport in Short: Hockey
  10. Thus provision in rural areas was concentrated in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire with some minor reconnaissance of possibilities and experimental pioneer short courses elsewhere.
  11. Although all the pawns are on the same side of the board, which increases the effectiveness of Karpov's knight, his king is on the back rank and Short's king is poised to advance.
  12. Much of the castle was redecorated or refurbished, a new wing was constructed to accommodate the extra guests who would be in residence for the event, and a very elegant bridge was constructed over the Lugton Water, a short distance west of the castle.
  13. "The short term benefit of certainty in household budgeting can be more than offset by a nasty shock when the rate is revised," said the Abbey, which adds that its research reveals no demand for budget schemes.

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