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Перевод слова

Перевод: side speek side

боковой; побочный;
стенка ; стена ; сторона ; поверхность ; борт ; склон ; склон горы; край ; крыло сброса; забой ; бок ; половина мясной туши; аспект ; черта ; точка зрения; позиция ; подход ; линия ; линия родства; высокомерие; чванство; телеканал ;
быть на чьей-л. стороне; стать на чью-л. сторону; примкнуть к


  1. The girl had had her hands over her face and was rolling from side to side.
  2. Another crumpled, broken body lay to one side.
  3. Jog with legs swinging from side to side.
  4. The modern tendency to put the airbrake lever, flap lever, trim and undercarriage all on the left side of the cockpit can easily result in you pulling the wrong lever.
  5. He knew the grey tide must already be at full flood on the other side.
  6. Many said that Morrissey had always objected to Rourke's drug problem and a breakdown of communications of the Irish tour resulted in Marr finally deserting his old school friend to side with old Mozzer.
  7. This fish has a deep body, narrowly compressed from side to side, very large eyes, prominent fins on both the upper and lower surfaces of the body, and a manlike tail.
  8. The overhead wires were extended from the South Metropolitan side to just beyond the change point, making a section of dual equipped road, on which through cars would use the overhead wires and cars terminating would remain on the conduit.
  9. Occasionally people from more than one lineage on each side had made peace, and people spoke then of a peace between some higher order entity than a small lineage: Ujdaid and Talib, Awlad Amira and Mannaia.
  10. Mark Cottrell's Liteflite Radial makes use of this feature in a bridle where line "A" is continuous-;from side to side.
  11. The vines surround the village on all sides, but those grown on the highest slopes, on either side of the D10 to the west of Ambonnay, are by far the most successful; on the plain, either side of the D9, the vineyards are noticeably inferior.
  12. A formal dinner means that the person opposite you is probably the only one well placed for speech readability; those on either side of you are too close.
  13. It is their good fortune to have the luxury of comment without the responsibility of action that enables them to appear more in tune with public feeling than the ideologists of either side of the political spectrum.

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