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Перевод слова

Перевод: silence speek silence

тишина ; молчание; безмолвие; забвение; отсутствие сведений;
заставить замолчать; успокоить; заглушать


  1. The jury may in some cases put two and two together, but it seems to us that the effect of section 58 is such that the balance of fairness between prosecution and defence cannot be maintained unless proper comment is permitted on the defendant's silence in such circumstances.
  2. Gerrard came back to the dais and held his hands up for silence, and though there was still a good deal of noise he made himself heard above it.
  3. Silence in the room except for the bottle emptying into Tommy's throat.
  4. Yes, fresh farm produce ( MR in stunned silence ).
  5. Eventually the ground seemed to stabilize and there was a long silence during which the mist curled slowly upwards.
  6. As radio silence was lifted on the company radio net, the Warriors started up and moved out as one.
  7. and silence changed to sound:
  8. Talking about him with the others, I did find out that several other people had had the same experience with him as me; that his lovemaking was done in silence, that he never said a word (in fact with me he hardly looked me in the eye either, just stared at his own hands as he moved them over my body, not stroking so much as seizing and kneading me, holding me down too); but then later in the night you would wake to hear him talking to himself, lying there fast asleep (O always asked the men he fucked to stay with him all night long, always), fast asleep and talking out loud in the night, talking in a fast, furious, hushed, hollow voice.
  9. In an instant they were kneeling in silence by the bed with bowed foreheads; and the sick boy tenderly put his hands on their heads, and pushed the frail white fingers through their hair, and looked at them tearfully without a word, till they hid their faces with their hands, and broke into deep suppressed sobs of compassion.
  10. Not to mention his composition Four Minutes 33 Seconds, technically described as a period of "apparent silence".
  11. In his panic, in the way his hand shook, in the gleam of madness in his eyes, in his silence
  12. The withdrawal from the world, the silence, the disciplines of community and the deliberate cult of monotony in a system where everybody wears the same clothes and does the same things day after day have been found to support the mystic during his frequently lonely journey, to earth him in reality and to wean him away from an excitement and drama that is inimical to the mystical experience.
  13. "It may do no more than further entrench the conspiracy of silence," Armstrong said.

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