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Перевод слова

Перевод: slight speek slight

худощавый; тонкий; изящный; хрупкий; незначительный; легкий; слабый;
пренебрежение; неуважение; игнорирование;
пренебрегать; относиться небрежно; третировать


  1. Small, belligerent, Robic was one of those cyclists who look like a boxer and his slight build gave him an advantage in the mountains.
  2. There was a pause and I sensed a slight tension as Lomas spoke.
  3. But there was only a slight, impatient nodding.
  4. Doone with slight reluctance admitted that there seemed to be marble stuck to the underside of one more floorboard on each side of the hole.
  5. This must always be controlled and if injury is caused - other than perhaps a slight reddening - a penalty rather than a score will result.
  6. He had slight success with tri-iodobenzoic acid, but it was J. Lehmann, in Sweden, who found that, among some fifty or so compounds tested, p -aminosalicylic acid, commonly known as PAS, prevented the growth of tubercle bacilli.
  7. I don't deliberately put my face in the sun - but you can't help picking up a slight tan from reflected sunlight, particularly if, like me, you swim a lot.
  8. This is because part-time members of the force have only slight contact with regular policemen and women, and experience greater status incongruity as a result of the contrast between the responsibility held in their day-time employment and the more restricted range of their police duties.
  9. Every time he stays, he misses the toilet and there is usually a slight puddle for me to clear up.
  10. "I think there has always been a slight fear of making massive steps on our own," says Gedge.
  11. The next stage of the work, says Dainty, is to eliminate a layer phenomenon called ionic motion, which shows up as slight hysteresis in the capacitance/voltage plot of the layer.
  12. Because I wear glasses, there is a slight air gap and soon my eyes are watering with the cold.
  13. All that betrayed her was the slight tremor in the hand holding her wineglass.

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