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Перевод слова

Перевод: solid speek solid

твердый; плотный; сплошной; цельный; непрерывный; пишущийся вместе; пишущийся без дефиса; чистый; без примесей; неразбавленный; крепкий; прочный; массивный; веский; основательный; солидный; надежный; единогласный; сплоченный; находящийся в хороших отношениях; трехмерный; пространственный; кубический;
твердое тело [физ.]; тело; твердая пища; порода ; массив


  1. "1991s figures cannot be viewed as satisfactory" said Sir Denys, "but it was a solid performance".
  2. I just stood there solid as a rock and this feller looked at me as if to say, "For two pins"
  3. "The critical current calculated is already higher than the critical current first reported for the high-temperature superconducting materials based on copper-oxide compounds," says George Gruner, director of UCLA's Solid State Science Centre.
  4. Removing an upstairs wc is different from one on a solid ground floor.
  5. But there is not much Pinter, and definitely no Beckett, about this solid piece of middle-class music theatre by the Canadian composer Quenten Doolittle, which began its short British tour by the Banff Music Theatre at the Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.
  6. Separating the solid matter for aerobic fermentation into manure also cuts the risk.
  7. THREE years of undergraduate study now requires 10 to 20 paperbacks where formerly a few solid textbooks sufficed.
  8. With a solid base of competitor data that is continually updated to maintain its currency, senior executives and general managers - the corporation's key decision-makers - will be in a much stronger position to:
  9. In Chronic Diseases we are told that when giving remedies in solid form i.e. solid form i.e. granules or powders dry on the tongue, Hahnemann found that remedies prepared with more than two shakes were too strong so stayed with two strokes for consistency; but during the last years since I have been giving every dose of medicine in a solution, divided over fifteen, twenty or thirty days and even more, no potentizing in an attenuating vial is found too strong, and again I use ten strokes ."
  10. I cut it out of Cosmopolitan magazine: an article entitled "Think Yourself Thin", illustrated by a blonde woman in a bikini being carried on the arms of two grinning, solid young men.
  11. The reader is also informed that it is not normally possible to obtain high resolution on NMR spectra from solid samples.
  12. Indeed it is "the left" (if it still makes sense to talk of left and right in Poland) that is most desperate to present a solid front in support of market economics.
  13. Its British visitors are discriminating people who relish the solid comfort of a prosperous southern French town, where regional bourgeois cooking exists as a living celebration going back into antiquity.

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