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Перевод слова

Перевод: speculation speek speculation

рассмотрение; размышление; обдумывание; спекуляция [филос.] ; гипотеза ; теория ; предположение; домысел ; спекулирование; игра на бирже


  1. This is the critical signal that would stop all further speculation about what has actually been seen.
  2. Whether they are actually his desires, or those of the devil, must remain speculation.
  3. It is my belief that the psychic has been labelled prematurely, without sufficient testing, and with a reliance on hopeful speculation which is beyond reason.
  4. There is continuing speculation it wants Burmah to buy Calor Group, where it has 43 per cent.
  5. There has been speculation that the body was booby-trapped before it left Awiel, and may have been timed to explode in mid-air.
  6. Continuing speculation about a bid helped the shares improve a further 9.5p to 349.5p.
  7. Mr Etyang said the evidence making the game reserve's head warden, Simon Makallah, the man most likely to have murdered Miss Ward was just speculation.
  8. projecting beyond direct experience into the worlds of abstraction, speculation, and fantasy.
  9. There is interesting speculation about the Rainbow Inn, for the rainbow was one of the signs of the Dyers' guild, and they may well have gathered here when work was done.
  10. Press speculation ran Patrick Jenkin as Howe's likeliest heir and not without reason.
  11. The extent to which the choice between partnership, limited partnership, limited or unlimited company is likely materially to affect the quality of work must be a matter of speculation.
  12. While World Cup matters have only been part of the Board's committee business this week, the speculation as to whether Welsh reservations would carry weight has been immense.
  13. British Aerospace added to the speculation by refusing officially to confirm or deny the story.

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