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Перевод слова

Перевод: state speek state

государственный; относящийся к отдельному штату; парадный; торжественный;
состояние; положение; строение; структура ; форма ; ранг ; статус ; великолепие; пышность ; государство; штат ;
гласить; излагать; заявлять; высказывать; выражать знаками; формулировать; констатировать; утверждать; устанавливать; установить; точно определять; проставлять


  1. One of the most bizarre aspects of government policy has been the effective murder of the voluntary sector, and its appropriation, by subterfuge, into the Tory version of the corporate state.
  2. In the early days, the band's self-image was completely true because they would walk from the floor of the club on to the state and then mingle with the punters afterwards.
  3. 10.7.2 In addition to its unfettered rights (subject only to the terms and conditions of the Grant Offer Letter to use and licence the use of its own results) each Party shall be entitled, subject to the provisions herein, without limit of time and (subject to any consents as may be necessary from the Secretary of State) in all parts of the world
  4. State of the art for those days."
  5. If the competition commissioner, Sir Leon Brittan, has his way, there may soon be an end to the state energy monopolies that dominate electricity and gas production in the European Community (EC).
  6. Roger Poole, and other leaders of the overtime ban, have vowed to do whatever they can to force a face-to-face confrontation with Kenneth Clarke, Secretary of State for Health, who has refused to countenance a meeting.
  7. Accept your changed state.
  8. This simpler form of doing business is known as the "provision of services" and occurs where a business remains in the member state in which it is established, and provides services, from that base, into another member state.
  9. "Not long ago, we thought the important thing was to remove industry from state control, not ownership," says Mr Marton Tardos of the Free Democrats, Hungary's free-market liberal party.
  10. The answer: 250, in its "restored" state.
  11. Under the French it housed the senate (hence the name), and today it houses the State Archive, a collection of documents covering 1,200 years of Lombardian history, one of the most important archives in Italy.
  12. Thus the Tibetan Book of the Dead had stressed that "on whatever sphere of being the mind of a man may be intent at the time of death", this would determine his future state.
  13. However, people do not usually live in a state of high intellectual awareness about their every action, but simply get on with living.

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